Activities at the clinic

Activities at the clinic are focussed into three main areas, diagnosis and surgery, nursing and rehabilitayion and training.

Diagnosis and surgery

Accurate diagnosis is a critical part of our activities. In order to be able to make a correct diagnosis, it is important to be able to interpret the language of pain through experience, an open, listening approach, and a thorough assessment of the patient. The clinic possesses great experience in the assessment of patients with back disorders.

Our physicians place a great deal of importance on the consultation at the clinic, and we have assigned 45 minutes to each patient.

An X-ray can sometimes reveal the cause of pain, but not always. It is always necessary to assess symptoms, clinical observations and X-rays. Surgical procedures can in some cases eliminate the cause of pain, and as gentle a technique as possible should be used in these cases.

Our primary aim is to achieve a successful result of surgery. This is one reason why we use solely microsurgical techniques (which should not be confused with "keyhole surgery"). The technique involves high magnification, specially developed surgical instruments, and light that is targeted onto the site of surgery. The technique offers many advantages for the patient, the principal one of which is increased safety. It also means less bleeding, a shorter period of care, and more rapid rehabilitation.

Colleagues with an orthopaedic or neurosurgical background from all over Sweden are trained in spinal surgery at the clinic. It is also possible for medical students to carry out clinical practice at the clinic, as part of their education.

The care that is given on the surgical ward is based on thorough preparation of the patient for the surgical procedure. The patient always meets and has the opportunity to discuss any topics with the anaesthesia nurse on the day before the procedure, such that he or she can feel secure and well-informed.


It is our aim in the work carried out on the wards that each care action will give the patient the best possible care. We will be good listeners, and we will offer care that is based on:
a holistic view of care in which the participation of the patient, and his or her individual needs and resources, are central continuity in nursing care the commitment and professional skills of the nursing staff.

The quality of care is continuously assessed using patient questionnaires. The results give evidence of excellent care in which all nursing staff make a major contribution through their commitment and interest.

Rehabilitation and training

It is a fundamental aim that the patients will continue to make progress after undergoing surgery and the initial recovery period. The clinic has at its disposition a collective experience in the rehabilitation of patients with long-term back disorders. Training and treatment is tailored for those who have undergone surgery at the clinic.

Each training period is based on training in balance, co-ordination, and stability. This is supplemented as necessary with treatment of the soft tissues and pain management.

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